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Talc Lumps / Semi Processed Talc

Afghanistan is a source of talc, the softest mineral on earth, which is utilized by various sectors including plastics, paints, paper, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. We provide talc lumps of exceptional quality, with a whiteness level of 98%, that can be transported to any location worldwide.
Available in: Different grade, sizes & packing.

Fined Talc Powder

For talc powder, we provide different grades for different consumptions or applications directly to the end users of different industries considering required mesh and micron sizes with up to 5 microns.
Available in: Different grade.

Product information

Pure Talcum Trading L.L.C Talc products are ’pure white’ and therefore more suited for bulk applications where colour is less critical. These applications include Kiln furniture manufacturers, agriculture, roofing, industrial coating applications and plastics.


Within the surface coatings industry Talc is used in a variety of industrial coating applications including primers and undercoats. It is used as a filler / extender as it imparts corrosion resistance and increases paint stability. It can be used in solvent and waterborne paint applications.
Pure Talcum have developed a Talc product specifically for the coatings industry. Talc is suitable for use in anticorrosive and marine coatings. This high quality Talc will provide a barrier effect reducing oxygen and water transmission to the substrate. The Talc product improves weathering resistance and reinforces the coating making it a viable alternative to other Talc products.


In agricultural applications, talc’s anti-caking properties and lubricity make it effective for free flow carrier uses. Used in fertiliser, it can be used as an anti-blocking agent which enables the feed cake to be broken up easily.

Talc offer white as snow Talc for various applications such as agricultural and horticultural,
polymer processing, coating applications and the ceramics industry.

Talc Grades

Our Talc grades are
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